Hey there, I’m Lindsey and this is Compass Rose Herbals, I’m an Herbalist with certification from Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, as well as a student of East West School of Herbology.

As I said above I went to school for Herbal Medicine, but at first it was just to learn the plants and uses, I had no intention of making a business or anything, i was after the knowledge for the sake of Knowledge. I like to learn. But as I worked my way through school I realized that what I was learning needed to be shared and given to whomever wanted to know it…So when I got back to Pennsylvania I had lofty dreams and ambitions to practice Herbal Medicine in some form or another. That is when Compass Rose Herbals began, and its still in its infancy, but some day I would like to offer Sliding Scale or Free Consultations to those in need, I want to do plant walks and teach people to find and identify medicinal plants, Provide tinctures, Teas and Dried herbs. For now hopefully i can update this website the Facebook page  on a regular basis and make progress forward. Compass Rose Herbals is an idea in a state of constant flux, I imagine I will always be working towards an end goal that will change frequently and maybe never be achieved, but that’s okay as long as I never stop working towards it.


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